From beginning to end Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. helps you visualize and construct your project with safety and sustainability.

WIC respects that your project takes priority and keeps you involved in every step of the construction process.

We offer a complete range of pre-construction and construction services, and we administer these with efficiency and insight. Our services include evaluation of the preliminary design and the overall project; production of cost estimates and schedules; appraisal of construction methods, materials, and systems; examination of program cost-effectiveness; development of cash flow projections, planning of manpower and equipment requirements; and administration of purchasing and expediting.

We have the knowledge base, equipment, and experience, to handle large-scale jobs and have an expanding resume of projects. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts, large or small. We develop and engage in all projects, regardless of size.

WIC continues to provide strong community support and environmental stewardship. WIC actively contributes capital and resources for local community interests in all of its work regions. We’re local and we value our associations with local businesses. We also believe in healthy communities, and that is why we support social events, athletic programs, and recreational activities in the communities we work in.